venerdì 24 maggio 2013

In water, I understand

Collateral event at the 55th
International Art Exhibition
la Biennale di Venezia

Venice, Ateneo Veneto and Procuratie Vecchie
29th May – 29th September 2013

from a project by
Lea Mattarella and Claudio Libero Pisano

Claudio Libero Pisano

Gregorio Botta, Simone Cametti, Paolo Canevari, Davide D’Elia, Alberto Di Fabio, Bruna Esposito, Andrea Galvani, Laurel Holloman, Regina José Galindo, Donatella Landi, Marina Paris, Simone Pellegrini, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Annie Ratti, Barbara Salvucci, Donatella Spaziani, Francesco Vaccaro

In collaboration with CIAC, the Hart Foundation is presenting Nell’Acqua Capisco (‘In water, I understand’), an exhibition project offered at the prestigious venues of the Ateneo Veneto and the Procuratie by Sansovino in Saint Mark’s Square, Venice, from 29th May to 29th September. The central feature of the exhibition is the liquid element, understood as the vehicle conveying relations, communication, feelings and aspirations that run through it to obtain a response or mood. Water is the suspended zone, the bridge towards landscapes of the mind in which to seek answers. History, mythology and art itself have depicted water in its most arcane meaning. In water, one loses oneself in the attempt to seek answers. But water has also been depicted as a place in which to suspend everything, in which every thought and aspiration finds a response. At times, messages of horror and violence too can emerge from water.

The works on show in the exhibition all have this element as their common denominator; in its unmistakable sounds are expressed the need for contact and communication in humankind. States of awkwardness are concealed in its sounds. And by contrast, one immerses oneself in water to recover all that there is out of it. Water is described as an element of sharing, an interpreter of inclusive messages and a circular element, one of breath and death. All the works presented create an at times joyful, often painful but always reflexive dialogue.

The selection of the 17 artists invited was governed by the criterion of finding the right balance between artists with an internationally recognised curriculum and young artists who, despite being at the start of their careers, already offer a mature poetic. The aim of the project is also to measure the evocative and project capacity of different generations focusing on a single curatorial idea. The synergy between the Hart Foundation and the Museo CIAC has made it possible to realise this exhibition in the best possible context, as part of the Collateral Events of the 55th International Art Exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into two major venues, themselves examples of major historical and artistic value: the Ateneo Veneto in Campo San Fantin and the Procuratie in Saint Mark’s Square. They provide the perfect combination for the art they present and the prestige of two locations symbolic of the city.

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