mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

MESSA INSIEME (le.due.moine)

Le Due Moine is an artistic collaboration born out of a long-lasting friendship and the desire to tell stories -- stories about all those years lived away from Italy and the turmoil that ensued when contact with other cultures created a direct confrontation with our roots, provoking an infinite series of questions.How can we tell our stories while living in different countries?

Through numerous correspondences over the course of months -- using emails and letters that we called flows, to highlight the stream of conscious, unfiltered quality of their content -- we shared dreams, thoughts, poetry, rhythmic games, laments, questions, enigmas, ritornelli, rhymes, certainties, and doubts.From our very first meeting we documented everything -- our discussion, the rehearsal, the dances, and our first songs -- not wanting to lose a thing.

During the long transcription period that followed, we collected over a hundred pages of written material, supplemented with audio and video.

During this creative process, the desire to investigate the figure of the cantastorie (a traditional Italian singing storyteller) manifested. This cultural reference became a great inspiration that we imagined we could reinvent by defining ourselves as cantatrici (enchanters) of our time.
In our popular tradition, the cantastorie was the one figure that entertained people by moving from town to town, telling/singing stories performed in rhymes inspired from real life events as well as fantasy.The cantastorie embodies a unique link between illiterate people and the cultural world of poetry -- a bridge between an oral tradition based on memory and what eventually became written literature with the advent of the printing press.

The values the cantastorie represents, combining regional dialect and oral tradition, belong to our cultural heritage. Yet, from generation to generation, this tradition is slowly vanishing, taking with it the unique sounds and flavors that are still an integral part of our social identity.

Since in Italy and throughout Europe, this type of performance has practically disappeared, rescuing the almost extinct cantastorie was very challenging. However, our common passions for traditional and contemporary theatre, music and words, and physicality and stage presence, pushed us to create this artistic nucleus that keeps growing inside a European cultural scene in constant transformation.© le.due.moine

A two-voice pilgrimage of the mind - A highly gestural and vocal performance with an ironic tone, that explores the tragic/comic space between being and thinking of being, where the two characters behave as if suspended in a void. Anchored to reality only by the illusion of meaning and from the desire of permanence.They play by inventing a story, the story of a divided “I”, that looks for itself by borrowing the thoughts of the other, who ends up not recognizing itself or paradoxically maybe having found itself.

MESSA INSIEME - an endless rollercoaster of atmospheres that continuously translates itself into minimal movement and sound - where words become prosody and then music. The overall composition - a dense interweaving of collaborative monologues, contemporary music and traditional Italian songs. Disclosing a feminine world fragmented with memories, doubts, laments and contradictions. Producing an interior monologue where not knowing or not willing to remember is a metaphor of an endless running away from an identity - from a responsibility that does not allow us to be.An almost serious but at the same time sacred story that lives within the ambiguity of an undecipherable smile.


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