mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Camere 9 "Fagana" - Fabre | Garutti | Nagasawa

Fagana is not an exotic name or even a mysterious surname. It is an acronym derived from a family of artists who are not actually related: Fabre, Garutti, Nagasawa.

Each of them occupies a RAM space with an installation which is the fruit of personal poetics, each very different yet at the same time complimentary considering the world around us. Spaces of moral resistance and aesthetic intensity as presented by Fabre with his sculpture of a thousand eyes, Garutti with his lamp connected to the atmosphere of the sky and Nagasawa with his sculpture of white Carrara marble, come together to unite the weight of the West and the limpidity of the East.

(…) In this sense the resistance of the three Fagana artists is explicit, this testimony assumed by the production of forms which insist more on a conceptual level of internal difference and less on that which is spectacularly external.
From the text FAGANA by Achille Bonito Oliva


For Camere 9 Jan Fabre will perform exclusively for RAM LIVE his own unreleased text inspired by "To Have Done with the Judgement of God" (1947) by Antonin Artaud. This will be accompanied by a reading by Massimo Foschi of Artaud's original radiophonic opera. The full performance by Jan Fabre and Artaud’s Reading will be broadcast on November 5th, and again on the November 8th on RAM LIVE :

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