domenica 17 maggio 2009

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

Marcel Duchamp (various interviews and music) Erratum Musical (for three voices) (8:06) S.E.M. Ensemble Sculpture Musicale (Mesostic by John Cage) (4:06) John Cage, voice La Mariée mise à nu par ses Célibataires, même (10:42) Pianola version by Petr Kotik Sculpture Musicale (5:22) Musicboxes version by Petr Kotik La Mariée mise à nu par ses Célibataires, même (23:02) Realization for alto flute, trumpet, trombone, celesta, and marimbaphone by Petr Kotik. S.E.M. Ensemble Various Statements and Interviews The Creative Act (7:28) A paper presented to the convention of the American Federation of Arts in Houston, Texas, April 1957 Some Texts from à l'infintif (4:06) written 1912-20. Read in New York 1967 An Interview (11:04) By George Heard Hamilton, 1959 An Interview (21:24) By Richard Hamilton, London 1959 Le Memorables Marchel Duchamp part I II IV.

Merce Cunningham, Nam June Paik & John Cage (1978) Time and Space Concepts in Music and Visual Art (1978) The first of six symposia sponsored by Pleiades Gallery and the Association of Artist-Run Galleries. Dore Ashton moderates discussion on space and time in art with speakers John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Richard Kostelanetz, and Nam June Paik.
Music: Maurizio Bianchi

Stg.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles.
Estratti della Lezione di Rock di Ernesto Assante e Gino Castaldo del 14/05/09 a Bologna, Museo internazionale e biblioteca della Musica (courtesy: Stefano Pasquini ).

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