lunedì 16 marzo 2009

Sounds like Sharjah

17th march 2009 at 13.50 a.m.
Sounds like Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
Listen to:
Interview with H.D. Darwish, Curator of Sharjah Museum for Contemporary Arab Art.
Opened in April 1997 the largest art museum in the Gulf , covering 10,312 square metres, invites you to walk into a world of artistic excellence.The museum features monthly international exhibitions, individual collections by local and visiting artists and the permanent display.
The March Meetings:

Jerusalem – Cultural Capital of the Arab World 09

5th Tashkent Biennial - Uzbekistan
Who is making art in the Arab world and why? who is promoting, exhibiting and selling it, and to whom? In what way does it address contemporary Arab identity and society?
How will the global economic climate affect it? And what does the future hold for those involved in the intricate and tangled chain of artistic productions.
Mirroring the ninth Sharjah Biennial ’s fundamental aims of defining a possible future of art in the Middle East,The March Meeting started today at the Beit al Shamsi. Three-day symposium’s agenda to provide a theoretical structure to examine - in depth - shared contemporary issues in Arab art, with an emphasis on analysing the mechanics of art education, curatorial practices, writing, translation and art publishing in the Middle East.
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