domenica 22 marzo 2009

Sounds like Dubai (Al BASTAKIYA ART FAIR 2009)

Now in its third year, Al BASTAKIYA ART FAIR (BAF) took place in the houses of Bastakiya, the historic area of Dubai, 15 - 22 March 2009.
BAF 2009 is an independent fringe art fair which focuses international attention on Dubai's art and cultural agenda, provides a platform for young, innovative and emerging artistic talent. The fair opens up the unique environment of Bastakiya to contemporary art. Involving international, regional and local galleries, artists and curators, the program of events included a vernissage, daily exhibitions and lectures.
Welcome to Al Bastakiya Art Fair 2009
Interview with: Rodin Hamidi, Madid Asgari, Mahmoud Hamadani (Iranian artists)
Klavier poetry
(Goethe Institute. Under the patronage of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority)
Dr. Mohammed Khalifa, who teaches Arabic at the University of Hamburg, Germany, recites poems of famous Arabic authors such as Mahmud Darwish, Fuad Rifka and Gibran Khalil Gibran. Laura Feldmann, a piano teacher in Hamburg and Cairo, complemented the recitation with German and European romantic and impressionist music. The poems were recited in Arabic. Booklets with English and German translations were provided for non-Arabic speakers.
A cura di Ilari Valbonesi

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