venerdì 27 marzo 2009

REID PALEY (Approximate Hellhound vs. The Monkey Demon)

Born in Brooklyn, Paley says that whatever jazz creeps into his metier comes from his father, a clarinet and saxophone player, or his mother, also a music lover, who “saw me as their little research project”.
Reid Paley is an American musician and songwriter. He previously sang and wrote for post-punk blues-band-from-hell The Five, which he founded in the 1980s in Pittsburgh.
The band later moved to Boston for several years, headlining clubs, playing to enthusiastic crowds, and releasing a vinyl LP posthumously. Returning to Brooklyn, Paley began performing solo in rock clubs on the Lower East Side, singing his songs accompanied by a 1955 Gretsch archtop guitar and a 1965 Fender amplifier. After a series of self-released tapes available only at shows, Sub Pop released his debut, the vinyl single Time For You b/w The Best Of All.
Paley's first solo album Lucky's Tune was produced by Frank Black and released by GoodNoise in 1999. This was followed in 2000 by the album Revival, produced by Eric Drew Feldman (who along with Jim Duffy also guests on the album), and featuring Paley accompanied by Robert Lee Oliver on the three-string bass and James Murray on the trap kit. This is the first recorded appearance of the Reid Paley Trio.
In 2007 Metaphor Rhythms released the album Approximate Hellhound vs. The Monkey Demon, produced by Paley, on which he is accompanied by Eric Eble on Czechoslovakian upright bass and James Murray on trap kit: the "Reid Paley Trio".
You can catch the Reid Paley Trio at shows, not only in NYC : check the website or MySpace for dates.

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