giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Venice Biennale 2013

La Perversión de lo
clásico: Anarquía
de los relatos

01 june 2013 - 24 november 2013-
 Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Venezia,
Palazzo Reale, San Marco, Piazza San Marco 17



Liudmila and Nelson / Maria Magdalena Campos e Leonard Neil / Sandra Ramos / Glenda Leon / Lazaro Saavedra Tonel / Hermann Nitsch / Gilberto Zorio / Wang Du / H.H.Lim / Pedro Costa / Rui Chafes / Francesca Leone

The exhibition of Cuban Pavilion, La Perversión de lo clásico: Anarquía de los relatos is a wide-ranging exhibition, about contemporary art in Cuba regarding current practices and in line with the dialogue and with the complexity of the visions carried out by the International Art Exhibition. The invited artists acts inside The National Archeological Museum located in Piazza San Marco, leading to reflections in balance between past, present and future. They opens boundaries exceeding the "linguistic fences" in order to place themselves in the middle of different thematic areas: the relationship between power and information, the fragmentation of the sign and the mediatic use of images, the procedural and phenomenic stadiums, the philosophical thought and the initiation rituals of orgiastic matrix. Their works lead the viewers through enigmatic and "threatening" territories, and through the iconic flow of exasperated life, marginalized by the system.

Curator: Jorge Fernandez Torres, Giacomo Zaza

Commissioner: Miria Vicini

Special Event:

Fri, May 31 | 5pm, Cocktail party - by invitation only

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