mercoledì 11 maggio 2011


2011, May 17 – June 5

NCCA - National Centre for Contemporary Arts

Opening on May 16 7.00 pm

NCCA, Exhibition Hall

As part of Russia - Italy year 2011

Organizers: RAM radioartemobile, Zerynthia Association for Contemporary Art, Found «New Art» Moscow, Italian Culture Institute in Moscow.

Curator: Anna Cestelli Guidi

Mario Airò, Massimo Bartolini, Riccardo Benassi, Bianco-Valente, canecapovolto, Alberto Garutti, Donatella Landi, Martux_M, Liliana Moro, Cesare Pietroiusti, Alfredo Pirri, Vettor Pisani, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Emilio Prini, Annie Ratti, Donatella Spaziani, Alberto Tadiello, ZimmerFrei

The project ITALIAN ART TO BE LISTENED TO aims to put in evidence the presence of sound through the last three generations of Italian artists.
Sound it’s a totally new matter, less obvious and striking than the visual aspects, but much more experimental and thus exciting.
Sound will be explored from different points of view, both from artists coming from the visual arts as from artists coming from the world of sound, thus demonstrating its inherent and essential characteristic of exploding the traditional boundaries between artistic disciplines.
Sound pieces of Italian artists from different generations and backgrounds will be “put on stage”: eighteen amplifiers, each for every audio work, will be dislocated in the big exhibition space of NCCA inviting the audience to a sort of “promenade” created by
a game of rebounding in which, as a theatrical action, three generations of Italian artists confront themselves and dialogue through very different audio works, ultimately building a totally new sound composition made of words, voice, music, noise…
The exhibition will realize so a new experiment in the visual and the sound arts, introducing a new concept for the art of exhibition.

Small hall
16/05/2011 - 5.00 PM

Visualization of Sound

Irina Gorlova, Anna Cestelli Guidi, Alfredo Pirri, Andrey Smirnov, Leonid Tishkov

Intervengono Leonid Bazhanov, Mario Pieroni

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