giovedì 10 giugno 2010

Marco Fedele di Catrano

Opening 11 June 2010
H. 19:00

In occasion of the personal exhibition at the space RSTR4, Marco Fedele di Catrano presents a preview of
his work “C.A.Tense”. The project, in collaboration with the artist **Carla Accardi, is the fruit of a reflection on
time and space in its physical and artistic dimension. “Tense” bears two meanings: time and physical and
muscular tension. The corporeal essence of the canvas is overlapped by an abstract line. The sign, first
traced with a pen by Accardi and then tattooed by the artist, determines an unbreakable bond, becoming
a bridge between the two generations.

The second work “Side-Back-Walk”, which gives the show its title, collocates itself within the architecture
of the exhibition space. The artist creates a passage towards a corridor that is usually not accessible, by
installing a viable and suspended sculpture, which becomes the only access to the exhibition.

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