giovedì 29 aprile 2010

at Galerie und Buchhandlung für Kunstbuecher - Berlin
April 30 - June 23, 2010
opening Friday April 30, 4 - 9 pm

In his solo exhibition in Galerie und Buchhandlung für Kunstbuecher gallery, Jimmie Durham shows the installation Late Last Night (Ate las Nigh) (At La Nit) (A A I!) in wich he changes the gallery space into a living room ensemble, complete with carpet, curtains and wallpaper painting. In this bourgeois home décor, he presents drawings and text pictures.
In his book Between the Furniture and the Building Jimmie Durham describes himself as a 'theoretical biologist', a person who depicts the behaviours and norms of cohabitation in various communities. But as an artist and writer he looks skeptical to the norms of language and so he develops a visual language in sculptures, assemblages and drawings.
Jimmie Durham's career has deftly bridged the space between art and activism. Since moving to Europe, his work has focused primarily on the relationship between architecture, monumentality and national narratives. His anti-architectural sculptures, performances and videos seek to liberate architecture's privileged material, stone, from its metaphorical associations with monumentality, stability and permanence.
On the occasion of the exhibition in Berlin, Friday 30 April 2010, RAM Live will broadcast interviews and sound material by Jimmie Drham.

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