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RADIOPHONIC CREATION DAY: Sheherezade’s Diary. 23 May 2009


On May 23rd 2009, from midnight to midnight, we will celebrate the first international Radiophonic Creation Day, a 24 - hour transmission organized by Association JeL , devoted to radio creation.
More than 50 radios and artists, coming from 12 different countries, produced sound pieces that will be broadcast in streaming on the festival website: - on RAM LIVE and more web radio partner, and on FM via 9 radios in Europe.
Ore 22.45 :
Sheherezade’s Diary. 23 May 2009
RAM LIVE is PROUD! to participate to the Radiophonic Creation Day with Sheherezade’s Diary. 23 May 2009 - Art Rock Literature written and performed by American artist Holly Anderson, voices and all songs by Lisa Burns e Peg Simone.

RAM, LIVE wrote:>> why Sheherazade?

Holly Anderson: I love the idea of a storyteller who tells tales to save her own life. Many of my poems & stories make reference to this sort of narrator --a woman who is spinning tales out of thin air and telling intimate, private details that may or may not be true.


Here is a necklace of six amber beads resting on a small-boned woman's clavicle :

Poet drives away hard to heal her body Breaks up with somebody loudly Retreats to sanctum of her mother's pastFinds carnal life againFalls forward and forgets almost everything Marries for love but gets mugged on the honeymoon This is a blow-by-blow description: *Sheherezade's Diary* starts with a 3rd person account *Time To Drive* wherethis *She* and/or the honorific *Bobbie* represents so many women lovedand admired for their fierce grasp on life. After *She* leaves that Great Lakes island in springtime*Shattertrees* has Peg Simone delineating another drunken break-upwith her blues guitar and dark-sky-full-of-broken-stars voice. These lyrics were writtendirect to her rough audio track. Our first song together. Then comes*Boilermakers* from a series of family stories -- a fractured fairy tale take ontall tales we've heard since childhood. Peg created eerie sonics that fit the blue bruisedmidwestern gothic text. She lays the words into her music deftly so no seams show.*Swallows Song* is solid sexing and satisfaction as heard in Lisa B. Burns voice &guitar. Sal Maida provides that gorgeous bass line - all pelvis and grace. Landscapeis almost always another character for me and Lisa responds deeply to that. She knowsprecisely that dirt road she sings about in our song.*The Theory of Everything* is an account of a dystopian road trip with two women who areperhaps bound by blood. Peg's piano is the perfect bed they can't find. Her voice is their wool blanket.The diary ends with one mesostic poem that prefigures the A capella *Honeymoon* as sungby Lisa B. Burns. I end it with a quote from *O Pioneers* by Willa Cathers about human storiesrepeating themselves as if they'd never happened before. Lisa & I perform this in our *New Randy*set and it works well as an ending. And so the stories begin again.

RAM, LIVE wrote:>> Holly, Peg and Lisa, how did you meet?

Holly Anderson: Lisa and I met in '97-98 when our 2 kids were in pre-school together. She was the only other wild-haired mommy wearing leather pants andlooking like she definitely had something else going on in addition to her motherhood! We must have started working on some songs late in 2003 based on the eroticlives of women. This suite of songs was recorded for a self-released disc titled *New Randy*in 2006. We started performing in NYC as *New Randy* within a year and still do with a mix of my stories, poems and these hot, high-lonesome songs as sung by Lisa. And it was Lisa who introduced me to Peg 2 years ago --Lisa had *met* Peg on mySpace --was raving about her music which she thought sounded like my husband's music: Jonathan's Kane's *February*. He not only agreed, he promptly put her in his band as one of 3 guitarists! Peg & Lisa duet on February's very first vocal track, a cover of New Randy's *Up In Flames*on the newest record *Jet Ear Party* so alot ofcreative stuff is bound & be-ribboned pretty nicely. Peg and I started working on a series of storysongs just this past endless winter and 2 of them will be included on her forthcoming record from Table of the Elements/Radium later this year.

RAM, LIVE wrote:>> what about gender rock?

Holly Anderson: There were plenty of women who rocked plenty hardprior to glam rock boys wearing femme make-up &fabulous outfits: Janis Joplin took the top of myhead right off with all her fierceness and wild finessein 1968-69 when I was still in middle school. After that - there was the super cool Italian girl from Detroit, Michigan, Suzi Quatro (Quatrocchio) who definitely pointed the way for other bass players likeTina Weymouth (Talking Heads) and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)Suzi had an all girl band in 1964 when she was just 14 years old! Her sister Patti Quatro ended up playing in *Fanny*,the 1st all -female band to get a major label deal withReprise in 1969. Sadly, Fanny's been all but written out of thehistory of the form. David Bowie -- who probably took ALOTof notes from their playbook has said in interviews...' they're as important as anybody else who's everbeen, ever; it just wasn't their time.' How often have weread that about female artists of every discipline?


Holly Anderson ’s poetry and prose has been anthologized in Up is Up, But So Is Down: New York’s Downtown Literary Scene, 1974-1992 (NYU Press) The Unbearables (Autonomedia) First Person Intense (Mudborn Press) Her limited edition books Lily Lou (Purgatory Pie Press) and Sheherezade (Pyramid Atlantic) are in library collections including MOMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria & Albert Museum, Brooklyn Museum.Recently online or in print at Admit Two, Conduit, Critjournal, FlashFire 500, Fringe, Gargoyle, MungBeing, Qarrtsiluni, Rampike, Six LittleThings, SmokeMusicTV, Switched-On Gutenberg,Tattoo Highway.Anderson's lyrics can be heard on Consonant (s/t), Love and Affliction (Fenwayrecordings) Mission of Burma's VS, OnoffOn (Matador) Jonathan Kane's FebruaryJet Ear Party (Table of the Elements/Radium) New Randy ( Lisa Burns Unadorned, Katharina Frank's On the Verge of an Autobiography (Premium) & Chris Brokaw's My Confidante+3 (12XU) She lives in NYC and Bovina, New York.


Peg Simone, based out of NYC has several releases under her belt including the most recent The Deeper You Get. She has toured throughout the UK and plays regularly in NYC. Peg is also a guitarist in Jonathan Kane's February. Her upcoming release due in the Fall of 2009 will be released on Table of the Elements. Peg has collaborated with Jonathan Kane to record their version of the old blues song When The Levee Breaks by Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy. The album will have a conceptual narrative throughout with two of the pieces based on stories written by Holly Anderson and another based on a Harry Crews novel. Additionally, Peg also works with Chris Becker for their project Silver Threads. More information can be found at


Lisa Burns began her recording career on MCA Records recording the high romantic wall of sound Lisa Burns produced by Craig Leon. She and Sal Maida (Roxy Music, Cracker) formed the new wave group Velveteen and released After Hours on Atlantic Records. By 1990, bored with pop music, they formed The Lovin' Kind as an exploration/ mutation of traditional country music. In collaboration with poet Holly Anderson as New Randy they have had songs recorded by Chris Brokaw, Berlin artist Katharina Franck, and Jonathan Kane's February. Lisa has studied experimental composition and Pro Tools production with performance artist Elise Kermani, producing tracks for her forthcoming record Channeling Mary at home on her laptop.

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