sabato 30 maggio 2009


A 24 h movie around the planet. A night trip around the earth and through Internet and networks

The trip will take place from Saturday 30th of May until Sunday 31 of May at noon at the Point Ephemere in Paris, where several screens will be displayed. In the middle of the installation, a cockpit will welcome the streamed video director and technicians conducting the performance.

A space trip by Olivier Forest & Eric Daviron Performance powered by MU for the FUTUR EN SEINE Biennale - in partnership with the FILMER LA MUSIQUE festival & RE:MU & POINT EPHEMERE
Following the time zones, and screened live, a series of concerts and music performances around a planet where you never go to sleep : following the night, we slip from one place to another, from a punk rock club to a rehearsal room, from a giant arena to a desert or a mountain, from sunset to dawn.
The concerts will not only be broadcasted from major cultural cities but also from lost places, no man’s land, secret locations. The performance will link those places, and we’ll slip from a well-known band to an unknown artist, from a cultural centre to an isolated place, from a musical point of view to another, using internet as a broadcast network.
Non Stop Music Planet is a free access event for the public. During the whole performance, the Parisian audience will walk around the installation and will be send to the other side of the planet where a gig takes place, where a concert or a party get started. Then they’ll slowly slip to another continent, another town. Beyond the musical aspect, the performance invites the audience to share the global feeling of a moving planet. The performance will also be available live on the Non Stop Music Planet website (coming soon).
You are invited to join in and participate to the event. You are : movie or video director, musician, sound artist or video artist ? You are involved in event organisation, working in a venue ?
You’ll need an Internet connection, a computer, something to make a video (webcam or video recording device) and a microphone. Get in touch for more informations.
So you will take part of the Non Stop Music Planet line up ! At the end of the performance, Non Stop Music Planet will be edited as a DVD (non commercial network) that will be sent to each participant.

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