martedì 28 aprile 2009

Reid Paley Approximate Hellhound' Interview

29th April 2009
H: 15.25

(REID PALEY in Amsterdam
Photo by Sander Lameijer)

in Concert

@ The Rodeo Bar

375 Third Avenue
at 27th Street, NYC

Years ago Reid Paley and I were neighbors, both struggling but not starving musicians (let me say straight out Reid is a fine cook) in a city called Boston. The band that Reid fronted at the time, The Five, kicked all the other band’s asses. Frankly, Reid has always been a splendid vocalist and writer in this hodgepodge genre mostly called rock music. And Reid is and has always been a smart guy; he turned me on to Mose Allison and Metal Urbaine on the same day for crying out loud. After all that Boston crap Reid disappeared for awhile into his native Brooklyn, although he did keep me on his Christmas card mailing list; to this day I receive a plain white card every December with the words ´It's the most wonderful time of the year` typed on it, I imagine from some the same ancient, greasy typewriter he bangs his lyrics out on. A few years ago Reid came to see me play in Manhattan. He had a 50's hollow-bodied guitar and big old Fender amplifier in tow, and he looked like he was ready to kick my ass again, which he did. We hung out after that and made a record, and then he made another one with Feldman. We've done a bunch of tours together since then, and I always look forward to riding in Reid's car because he still listens to the best records. If you hear Reid Paley I assure you that you will either A) love him, or B) enjoy hating him and then STILL end up loving him eventually because he is, as I say, a splendid vocalist and writer. What? You want some kind of description of the artist and his music? Just fucking listen to the guy and enjoy his prowess.
Frank Black, Los Angeles for xxs records

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